Isadora Eden is Easter Sunday turned horror movie. Mixing elements of indie rock, shoegaze, and gothic folk, Eden is blending genres to make what she and her collaborator Sumner Erhard affectionately call fuzz folk. It is music for walking home alone to after a party, doom scrolling til the sun comes up, and then driving around your abandoned hometown pretending you’re actually going to call your high school best friend. This feeling manifests across 11 tracks on Eden’s new LP titled forget what makes it glow. The album evokes real life horror as it channels the not so great memories of religion, nostalgia, love and loss.

“a collection of songs that will certainly have listeners hypnotized as she sings into the void … a haunting shoegaze dreamscape” – 303 Magazine (named as one of 19 Denver musicians to watch in 2021).

“The intimacy remains, but Eden takes her sound to ethereal heights…lush and intoxicating vocals shine through” – The Revue

“crushing and heartfelt…genuine tracks that make you feel like she is playing for an audience of one.” – Ear To The Ground Music

“fuzz folk” – our bass player Jose

“evolves from folk-based intimacy to textured shoegaze bliss…gorgeous” – Obscure Sound

“pairs dark, searching lyrics with a moody sound, ranging from intimate simplicity to something altogether fuller and more striking…rich and evocative…a haunting edge” – Various Small Flames