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EP and video release!

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Welcome to my new and improved website! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks – I moved to Denver, released my first EP and released my first music video. The EP was produced by Thomas Thoreau, video shot and edited by Brett Sullivan. I’m really excited to share this EP and video with you guys.

“a complex and layered presentation of our ways of dealing with emotions. Thinking internally. Suffering, maybe. Simply, Isadora is a grand songwriter who encapsulates the essentials of a thought, a glimmer, a hope.” – Come Here Floyd

“An outstanding voice and intimate sound…like a young Joni Mitchell, Eden has crafted an unforgettable single…her lyrics are intimate and revealing” – The Revue

“At the moment, ISADORA EDEN is high on our list. Because her songs are honest and incredibly authentic. Because we buy her everything, what she sings and above all how she sings it. She even manages to tear a tear across our faces” – We Love That Sound

You can find the full EP wherever you get your music– Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp, etc., or you can buy the download directly from me on my site!



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